TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?! Gimmicks vs Genuine Savings in the Perth Housing Market!

Sales Ad sounds too good to be true? If it sounds unbelievable, beware, don’t be fooled, all that glitters is often not gold!!

The market conditions that we all face at the moment naturally generate flurries of too good to be true special offers to try and relieve you of your hard earned dollars.

Inclusions and free offers have to be paid for by somebody and inevitably that’s you, the customer, in one way or another. A spectacular list of extra grants, free offers, money off and glitzy inclusions is difficult to overlook and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t want to check out the headline advertising phrases that are swamping the new homes market right now.

In total contrast we at Home Builders Advantage offer you a simple no quibble guarantee that beats any offer out there. We will beat any total construction price that you can get on a comparable design and specification by a minimum of $20,000 on even the smallest home. No hidden costs, no smoke, no mirrors just plain simple economics. By using our huge volume related buying power we can negotiate you a wholesale price for your new home build at rates the retail market just cannot give you. Why pay retail? Build Wholesale! is our trademarked unique selling point. We’ve had to prove it to the Australian Trading Standards people to trade mark it, so let us show you how we do it too.

On top of that absolute promise to save you money honestly by our bulk buying deals, is the unique and bespoke custom design that we will deliver in house for you within 7 days of your initial design brief with our designers. We will also complement the process by letting you choose everything that you want in your new home if you wish, no standard lists, no extras, all your choices included at wholesale prices within the tender that you ultimately receive from our award winning builders.

So, if you want true value for money without hidden costs covering the wild headline offers that abound, why not try Home Builders Advantage reliable tried and tested service? Over 1000 satisfied customers have all beaten the market using the process.

A dream home customised to your specification at prices that even Project builders struggle to achieve! What have you got to lose? Call us today for a free no obligation review of your requirements. We guarantee you will be amazed by what you can achieve with our open and honest best value deals.