Take The Guess Work Out Of Building!

Home Builders Advantage can take the guesswork out of probably the biggest buying decision you will ever make:

Making a fresh start in a custom designed or renovated home is an exhilarating experience. Maybe you’ve just welcomed a new addition to the family and would like a second storey addition to your home or perhaps you’ve found that dreamy corner block location and it is time to treat yourselves to a dream home taking advantage of the views and naturally sloping land?

If you’ve scored a fantastic new job and now’s the time to upgrade your home, you will need expert advice to avoid the potential pitfalls of overspending without locking in the longer term gains that should accompany any renovation project.

Whatever the reasoning, buying or improving your family home is a life experience and HBA are here to help make the journey as smooth as possible.



Let’s look at 5 key pointers to help you on this journey to success.

  1. Lock in sound advice early:

When you decide to buy a new family home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll face is what to do with your old home. Do you sell the property and put the money towards your new home, or do you turn it into an investment and rent it out? Do you get two mortgages, or refinance your current mortgage to buy the second property? What can you afford and what is best for your future? The questions can seem endless, but don’t worry, you don’t have to solve them all alone – Home Builders Advantage have a specialist financial advisor who will work with you to evaluate your very best options. Remember it’s vital to have an experienced construction professional in charge of arranging your finances if you are to maximise the value of any decisions you make.


  1. Look to the future:

Try hard to future proof your decisions by looking into the future. Will you increase your family size and hence want to build in spare capacity now or are your family likely to leave home in the short term meaning that you might want to make sure the home you build now is simple to manage on a block with minimal maintenance in retirement?  Whatever stage you’re at in life, it’s important to plan for what’s on the horizon and to make sure your new home or renovation mirrors your lifestyle now and has scope to change with you as life goes on.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask us to do the research for you:

You’ve probably made big decisions before, perhaps even built a new home before, so it’s easy to believe that you have a handle on most things and don’t need help. This can be an expensive standpoint and one which we at Home Builders Advantage are well positioned to assist you with avoiding. Things change very rapidly in the real estate world and it always pays to do some thorough research about where and what to do for the best. Our experienced staff will guide you through the essential research that is vital to the success of what is likely to be the biggest investment you will ever make.

The goal is to create a home that will appreciate in value over time and potentially be attractive to tenants if you ever decide to rent it out. You also have to make sure the property and neighbourhood meet your family’s needs, whether that be good schools for the children, great access to public transport for your partner’s work commute, or catering for your needs in retirement. Before doing anything, make sure you get to know the new neighbourhood intimately – research the crime levels, the quality of nearby schools, the transport options and proposed nearby developments, or other facilities you may need like hospitals or treatment centres. Ask Home Builders Advantage for a property appraisal and feasibility study to help you realise the potential of your ideas.


  1. Keep your emotions in check:

It’s hard not to let your feelings overtake your better judgement when you have ideas about moving or renovating as it is such a personal issue affecting the lives of you and your family for years to come.  However, it is really important not to pay more than the overall project is truly worth. Home Builders Advantage will shine the cold light of day on the whys and wherefores of your ideas and advise you from a rational and not emotional; point of view. Naturally armed with that professional advice you can then add in the personal motivators but at least you will be working from a purely professional base instead of one clouded by emotion and impulse which we so often see in projects where clients have come to us poorly prepared but in love with what they have come up with. It is not our job to deflate ambitions or squash dreams. It is rather for us to be objective and clear so that you do end up realising your dreams and not your nightmares!  Remember, we’re here to help!


  1. You have nothing to lose by asking for our help:

If you’re ready to take the next step, please get in touch. We’ll find you a personalised home loan solution, be it a custom design or a renovation tailored to meet your particular financial circumstances and goals. We offer a no obligation concept design meeting and will produce a plan and elevation of the new home or suitable drawings for a renovation free of charge for you to study at leisure. Then when you feel ready to press the button on your project we will carry out the design and tendering quickly and professionally whilst maximising your position every step of the way.

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