Home Buyers Grants – The Home Builders Advantage Way!

Home Buyers Grants – The Home Builders Advantage Way!

Everyone’s hearing more and more about the governments first-time home buyers grant (currently $15000 but soon to reduce to $10000). It’s even possible to take advantage of the double, triple and just lately quadruple grant offers that some of the big project home builders are offering to try and get the first home buyers hard earned cash through their doors.

What does that mean for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th-time buyer or the downsizer or even the small developer blocks where sub division is the way to cash in on the ever increasing demand for land? The answer is not a lot in fact nothing. Nobody seems to be offering them a grant or any form of reduced price offer!

However, Home Builders Advantage are proud to point out that whatever type of home builder you are from the smallest first time home builder to the larger more complicated homes or developments we have always offered savings that are unbeatable in the market place. Indeed, we are so confident that you can’t build that lovely three storey undercroft on your sloping block, or add that brilliant second storey to your home at a cheaper price than we can get for you, we guarantee in writing to beat any comparable quote you can get on your own! Guaranteed, that’s right!

We don’t link our market beating savings to government grants nor do we offer one off special deals we only ever build your project for the best price and to the best quality every time and what’s more build it on time too!

So, next time you are listening to a jingle offering someone that tempting first-time buyers deal take heart and give us a call at Home Builders Advantage where you will get a deal to beat all others guaranteed in writing every time, first timer or not! What have you got to lose?

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