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“Take Advantage of great deals with Home Builders Advantage”

According to the experts in the field, sales of new blocks in Perth are at an all-time best price. This is due to the current cooling off from the days of booming demand. Landowners have some fantastic offers on blocks on their developments.

As Perth’s leading building brokhome-builders-advantage-tender-to-perths-best-builderser HBA have connections with most of Perth’s big land developers and can find you an ideal block or home and land package at an unbeatable price thanks to our wholesale buying power. Therefore, even if you don’t yet have a block HBA can give you the chance of some of the finest deals via our industry connections.

If you have a block already, HBA is proud to have the closest relationships with some of Perth’s finest custom builders all of whom are currently offering price busting tenders for our clients work. Many of our building partners have build slots available to fill now and this means HBA will be able to negotiate the quickest build time and the lowest price for you if we are fortunate enough to be able to work with you.

HBA has an ultra-efficient design department and you will have a custom concept design within 7 days of your first meeting with us totally free and without obligation. Once you have signed with HBA the design of your dreams will be finalized and we will have a market leading price for you within 2 weeks of sending tenders out. If you are able and willing to push ahead at that time HBA offers the fastest possible route through working drawings and approvals getting you on site in the shortest possible time.

Our aim is to bring all the areas of our expertise to play at every stage of your journey from dream to reality. Let HBA give you the Advantage! Call 1800 284 539 to start your journey now!