Modern triplex designs by Home Builders Advantage

Need help developing your block for a custom design triplex unit development? Home Builders Advantage are here to help. To stay within budget, HBA submits your triplex unit development to tender with several builders. Compare quotes and then it is up to you to choose the best builder. Unlock the potential of a large block and consider how a unit development can benefit you.

Can I subdivide my block?

That’s where Home Builder Advantage can help. As development experts, our team will guide you through what can seem like a very complicated process. From start to finish, HBA clearly explains each step and the options available to you.

The block itself will have limitations on it; both in terms of its R Code and Zoning. There may be other restrictions that have been imposed on the block by the shire such as detailed area plans. The site may even have easements or covenants attached to the title. Our feasibility study assesses all of this for you.

The 3 general types of subdivision are:

  • Green Title,
  • Built Strata
  • Survey Strata.

To guide you, HBA will discuss the best way to subdivide your block in detail at our office or alternatively, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.

There may also be restrictions on this process in terms of finance as some banks will require the lots to be subdivided prior to issuing funds. This can cause lengthy delays in the process as we guide you through the Subdivision process at West Australian Planning Council (WAPC).

Why Pay Retail?

Choosing to build wholesale with HBA allows you to benefit from years of experience for a price not offered in retail home building and development. In contrast to other builders, each triplex unit development is a custom design with a minimum saving of $20,000 of your total custom development and construction cost when compared to retail.

With a combined 80 years of construction experience, Paul Cheverall and Richard McHenry, guarantee a quality and unique unit development with the custom design experts.