Renovate or Relocate? You May Already Be In Your Dream Home!

Most of us reach a point in our lives when our home doesn’t quite work as well as it did when we fell in love with it. Our initial reaction to this is often to go straight into relocation mode, thinking that we have to move to get what we want!

However, when taking this option, we can lose sight of why we moved to our home in the first place.

Before you do go straight into ‘cut and run’ mode HBA recommend that you take stock of the fact that moving is a very costly exercise, legal fees, agents’ commissions, removal costs, and more eat into your hard earned money with very little added value. On an average move these costs can amount to $20,000 with ease. Why not use this money to improve the home that has served you so loyally over the years?

In general, with the right advice, renovating and improving your home adds value at least dollar for dollar spent which means you can enjoy the extra space or improvement while adding value to your home.

HBA will meet with you and discuss your short medium and long-term needs before advising you what can be done to your home and what is best value for you to do, even perhaps advising phasing the works as your financial circumstances permit.

It is often very simple (in fact often easier than arranging new build finance) to raise the funds for renovations using equity in your property and the increase in earnings that you have had since originally buying the property. HBA specialize in matching you with a home finance expert who will aim to maximize your borrowing potential with as little (and in some cases no) increase in monthly outgoings.

HBA will advise you on the zoning of your property and what you can or can’t do within your local shire rules. We will then list your desires against the benefits of the cost and agree a scope of work for you that gives you the most improvements at the best value. Our unique service guarantees to save you money and time. If you compare the moving option with all the stresses that can bring it makes common sense to stay and renovate or extend your home.

We advise you to remember why you fell in love with the home you have and rekindle the excitement you felt of moving into the property by giving it a face lift, adding a second floor or maybe a full makeover, all with the help of Home Builders Advantage!

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