Imitation is commonly the best form of flattery!

Some of Perth’s great builders are joining the trend!

Imitation is commonly the best form of flattery……


In recent months Home Builders Advantage have been pleased to see that some of Perth’s home builders are beginning to offer a custom service to home buyers.  

Home Builders Advantage have been offering this level of service for over 8 years now and have 1000+ satisfied customers in testimony to that. We are thrilled that builders have recognised what we do and are slowing imitating it.

However as good as this trend may be, in order to maximise their benefits, we would urge new home buyers to consider the Home Builders Advantage process over a single builder. The key reason for us to say this is that if you don’t then you will only get a SINGLE builders view of your project. The Home Builders Advantage process offers a distinct advantage over individual builders. That is because we match a range of builders to your needs, (not just one but several), then tender the project to them and then advise you on the best fit on price, quality and service to suit your own very individual circumstances.

Custom Design Three Storey Undercroft Canal Home Front Elevation

In addition to the clear market price point that you will gain via a broker service we also offer as part of our process:


  • You own the copyright to your design not the builder
  • We guarantee to save you money in writing! We dare you to try and get your own price to beat us as part of our client service agreement. No builder offers you this!
  • Our in house Town Planner ensures your custom design glides through the Shire requirements for a fast approval.
  • Home Builders Advantage undertake all the working drawings in house to speed you to Contract with your builder at the fastest possible rate.
  • Our in house building inspector watches the quality of the project throughout the process and certifies to you that money can be released at the key stages.
  • The combined strength of the Home Builders Advantage team remains behind you right through the process acting for you, NOT the builder even after handover.
  • For the same cost that is within all builders quotes for a sales process you get all of the above and a price beating guarantee! Above all you can take comfort from our professional team designing, tendering and supervising your project throughout, unreservedly looking after your best interest.

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