Save money when building a new home.

Benefit from the huge buying power of the Home Builders Advantage building broker service and their partnership with Beyond Broking, a great financial service provider!

Custom designing and building a new home with Home Builders Advantage will be a rewarding experience. HBA will turn your dream home into reality at every building stage with brilliant prices and great builders. Not only will the combined team of Beyond Broking and Home Builders Advantage carefully guide you through the process of building your new home, we will also make sure you will get the best results with your hard earned dollars.

Before committing to what is likely to be the biggest financial commitment of your life, we encourage a rigorous financial health check.

HBA’s finance partners Brian and Jess of Beyond Broking can arrange for a specialist review of your personal circumstances and advise you on how they can assist you to secure the very best financing available for your project without stretching beyond your means.

Once you know what you can afford, then use HBA’s best house design tips below:

  • Make the most of the natural features, contours and shape of your block. This will save you a fortune in foundation work and retaining walls. If you have existing mature planting, then you will also save yourself money on future landscaping costs.
  • Exploit the R coding of your block as much as you can. Home Builders Advantage will advise you on the best build options resulting in a optimised sized home, that maximises the R coding for the lowest possible price.
  • Place your living areas on the North facing side of your home. Winter sun can greatly reduce your heating bills and summer sun on the entertaining and outdoor areas, improves the appeal of the home.
  • Conversely keep the bedrooms on the south facing elevation wherever possible. Comfort from a cool bedroom away from the hot summer sun will reduce air-conditioning costs and improve the livability of your home.
  • Minimise the roof shape. Roofs that involve complex hip and valley construction, are more expensive than a simple shape.
  • Keep the perimeter of the home as regular as possible. Lots of indents and direction changes, adds considerable length to the perimeter and thus increases the build cost considerably.
  • Use standard window and door sizes from a widely used range. The building will be easier to construct and a big supplier will have better after sales service if you experience a problem down the track requiring spare parts.
  • Specify built in cupboards robes and storage spaces. Freestanding units can take up a huge amount of space in your rooms and can even work out to be more expensive.
  • Build with low maintenance in mind and install appliances or equipment that won’t date too quickly or cost much in energy to run. 
  • Take advantage of Home Builders Advantage huge buying power and specify as much as possible for your home within the build package. This means that you benefit from the great deals that we have in place with major suppliers that you won’t be available to you if you shop alone after the build is done.
  • Stay single storey if you can. Two storey homes can be costlier to construct for obvious reasons. However, if your block dictates that you must go up then the Home Builders Advantage designers will customise your two storey home to the best possible shape and size and price.
  • Make the most of your budget in the key areas of your home that your friends and family will notice. Reduce the specification considerably in the secondary bedrooms and bathrooms, study, and less used spaces. This will leave more money for the powder room, living areas, statement entry and kitchen so that you can wow your guests and still keep the budget tight.
  • Keep landscaping simple but effective. Remember that plants and shrubs will grow, so purchase smaller plants to keep the cost down, your garden will soon mature over time.
  • Before you build the best house in your street, research the market prices and designs of the homes around you to make sure you fit within the median value. Overdeveloping a block can be a costly mistake in the future.

For a thorough review and help with getting the best finance available, contact Brian or Jess at Beyond Broking on 1300 GO BEYOND