Home Builders Advantage support the Master Builders WA campaign to keep the First Home Owners Grant!

Home Builders Advantage are proud to be members of the MBAWA and the only Building Broker to be privileged to be recognised as so.

The MBAWA is supporting the move to keep the First Homes Owners Grant (FHOG) in the budget published on 7th September. Retention of the FHOG is vital if the housing industry is to maintain its recovery, prevent layoffs of tradies and avoid failing to provide the environment to meet the expectations of future homebuyers.


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By far the biggest problem faced by first-time homebuyers is raising the necessary deposit to meet lenders requirements that make sensible and safe borrowing available.

The FHOG often provides the assistance that first-time buyers really need to make their situation viable.

Home Builders Advantage have partnered with one of Perth’s most successful construction industry finance brokers and we have enabled many prospective buyers to get past the post into their new homes by overhauling their finances so that the best home loans were obtained. This new Home Builders Advantage service coupled with the custom designs and wholesale pricing that our system provides means that more home buyers are getting great homes and superb funding. Applied with the FHOG this gives first-time buyers a real edge. In fact, it has been our experience that they can often afford extras such as solar panels and other green energy additions that would have otherwise been beyond their means. This makes sense for the industry and also the government who are keen to stimulate the housing market and encourage as much green efficiency as possible.

All Home Builders Advantage custom homes are 6* energy rated and designed with the best use of resources in mind.


In addition to the FHOG helping our customers, Home Builders Advantage is able to save a minimum of $20,000 off the retail price of a first-time buyers home by using the impact that our wholesale buying power offers our customers. In fact, some of our products offer a guaranteed 10% saving off any comparable home cost, with a FHOG this currently gives first home buyers upwards of $30,000 advantage over a similar home post budget should the government cancel the grant. This is an example of why it is so vital that everyone in the industry supports the MBAWA in their effort to protect and perhaps lobby for an increase in the FHOG.

Home Builders Advantage design, tender and manage the construction of over 100 homes a year and have over 1000 projects completed since the early days back in 2009. We offer wholesale prices from award winning builders and designs that maximise the potential of every block whatever the shape, slope or ground conditions. Home Builders Advantage thoroughly support any initiative to assist first-time buyers but also believe that up and downsizers should get assistance as well. That is why we are so proud of our success delivering great value for money and now more recently sound effective and potentially deal saving finance support as well.

Call Home Builders Advantage today whether you are just stepping onto the property ladder, are a developer, downsizer or just someone who wants good old fashioned advice on what your best options are in the current market. Turn your dreams into reality with Home Builders Advantage now!