Custom Building – It’s YOUR Home, Build It YOUR Way!

When approached in the correctly a custom designed home built to suit you and your family can be just as cost effective as buying a project home. This is because HBA use award winning builders who specialize in one off builds and because HBA design and tender millions of dollars’ worth of homes each year, our builder partners charge wholesale rates to our clients.

Most land developments have a selection of standard and unique blocks or you may have found a private sale block that you have fallen in love with. The more unique the block the better the custom design we say!

To make the most of the terrain on which you are building our award winning design team will consider shire zoning and restrictions, slopes, views, north orientation and boundary angles before setting out to give you the design that makes the very best of all those factors. This can include things like raking ceilings or sunken areas where land slopes permit, winter solar gain to save on heating bills and innovative setbacks in the elevations where angular boundaries dictate shape.

Every family has different needs and whilst standard homes do attempt to meet those needs, there are always compromises you have to make to achieve the builders stated price. This is because the builder has shaved the costs to reflect the standardization and repeat functions that project building is famous for. HBA have designed a process that lets you have a no compromise design for the same cost as the standard alternative. This makes choosing that unique or difficult block something that actually enhances rather than detracts from the overall cost and effect of your new home.

By capitalizing on the uniqueness of your needs and the dictates of the block that you have chosen HBA offers you the chance to “have your cake and eat it!!” Having built literally hundreds of unique homes (none of which have ever been built more than once) HBA has refined a process that is flexible and satisfies the demands of even the most discerning client building on the most difficult piece of land in WA.

Our designers will explain what areas of your design have the biggest cost impact so that you can moderate the design to suit your pocket without necessarily losing space or function in the home. It is as much a part of the design process with HBA that every part of the home is costed fully and the value of spending money in each element is fully explained in our unique tender report which is presented to you before you appoint the chosen builder. Even at this late stage you are under no pressure to sign contracts until you have everything in the specification that you can afford. This helps avoid surprise costs. Customizing your design or building on a difficult block with Home Builders Advantage is really the simplest and most competitive way of achieving your dream home at a market beating price.

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