Budget 2017 – What does it mean for you?


budget 2017

Home Builders Advantage see reason for cautious optimism about the underlying economic outlook which the 2017 Budget is based upon.

The NBA and the government appear to see that employment will steadily get more positive and fewer people will fear unemployment. This follows a projection that there will be growth in economicoutput and a stronger economy over the next few years.

There are four key areas that Home Builders Advantage would like to highlight for our clients:


  1. As far as the housing market is concerned Home Builders Advantage believe that the huge investments earmarked for infrastructure projects and championed by the new WA leadership will bring higher property prices to homes that benefit from proximity to the new transport links. It might well be time to consider buying a block in the suburbs near these planned rail and road links to take advantage of the higher values the convenience of great communication links brings to property.


  1. First time home buyers who are the real fuel in driving the market from the bottom up are being encouraged to save very efficiently via salary sacrifice and Superfund rules which make saving for a new home in this way very attractive. More first time buyers coming to market mean more sales up the property chain and thus now is a good time to let Home Builders Advantage help you either get that first dream home or help you make the move to a custom built home at project home prices.


  1. For our investor clients, Home Builders Advantage are pleased to see that the government is making CGT concessions for investors who drive affordable housing projects. Whilst this type of investment has limitations it means that Home Builders Advantage can really help investors get such schemes off the drawing board and into reality by maximising the cost benefits of our wholesale versus retail building process in a very tax efficient model.


  1. Development of some of the older larger more established home sites in Perth’s beautiful suburbs will also become easier to achieve following the instigation in the budget of the downsizing allowances for retirees. The budget is encouraging downsizers to put up to $300k into their super funds without penalty from the proceeds of downsizing. This will free up some more of the larger homes on big inner suburb blocks where Home Builders Advantage can perhaps assist our developers to maximise the subdivision potential and profitability of duplex triplex and multi-unit schemes.

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