About Us

Home Builders Advantage (HBA) are Perths'leading Building Broker. HBA is a proud member of the HIA and The Master Builders of WA (MBAWA) the only Broker to have this accolade. HBA is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and is currently progressing through the review process to achieve corporate Chartered Construction Management Status with the CIOB.

HBA is very active within the industry being part of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with the Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as working in conjunction with the MBAWA to form a regulative body covering the activities and conduct of the Building Broker community. Another example of why HBA are considered by most as the leading and most professional Building Broker in Perth.

Home Builders Advantage
Housing Industry Association and Master Builders

Who Are We

Formed in 2009 HBA has carried out over 1000 successful assignments for clients from all walks of life. From the most modest first home owner to river front statement properties for successful CEO's. In 2016 the company was joined by its current MD who is leading the HBA team to greater success, expanding its business model, and offering a new all-inclusive industry leading service to HBA's clients as well as HBA's Builder partners.

To compliment the new and enhanced service levels HBA have now moved into new City offices with very easy access to transport links making customer meetings easy to achieve during perhaps a lunch time or pre or post work time slot.

HBA operates a wide ranging and very driven marketing campaign on Radio, TV and on Transperth services so that we get the message about our brand and award winning team out to customers unfamiliar with what we do. HBA also host a stand at each of the two Perth Home Shows each year and we love meeting potential customers in the busy and inviting environment of the show. Many of our satisfied customers have entered into the HBA process by simply passing by our show stand and meeting our friendly team there only to realise that standard homes are not the only way to go and that they can have a custom build or bespoke renovation for less than they thought!

What We Do

HBA operates under the trademarked mission statement of "Why Pay Retail? Build Wholesale!". In order to be allowed to make that mission statement a reality for our customers HBA underwent rigorous review by The Australian Trading Standards Board who required proof from not one but numerous sources that our service does exactly what we promise. That is to say we will deliver to customers prices that cannot be achieved by them in the retail market. HBA is the only company in the construction sector in the whole of Australia allowed to use that statement. We have never been unable to beat any comparable total construction price by at least $20,000 and so can with total confidence promise any customer an unbeatable product , fantastic service and the best price in WA.

HBA's service starts with a concept review meeting where the customer's objectives are put down on paper and options are discussed. Brief budget constraints and affordability questions at this stage, make sure that the customer is aware of the likely standard and cost of the project they can accommodate within their budget. HBA also offer a specialist financial review by a leading Perth home finance specialist if the customer requires it, or is unsure of what they can achieve in terms of finance for their project. HBA have helped several clients achieve way beyond their initial objectives having gone through this review with our specialist. In one recent case, HBA's team were able to finance an additional $160,000 above the customers own brokers best case offer for their project.

Once the concept meeting is over the project goes into our Design Log and within 5 working days, HBA's lead designer will have produced floor plans and a 3D colour render of the new home or, if a renovation, before and after renders and layout plans. The customer then attends for a concept review meeting and we hope is so impressed proceeds on to detailed design with HBA. More than 9 out of 10 people on average do just that! The detailed design takes place over a period set by the customer. HBA offers numerous design changes and 3 months design time to make sure that a dream home can be built, pass Shire regulations and meet Building Codes all within budget. Once the final version has been drawn the customer signs off on the project and the work of our commercial team begins. That work is to get the best possible builder from our award winning panel to provide that special price for the project. All our building partners are vetted and approved to commercial standards based on financial strength industry rating and recommendations of past clients. This process is unique to HBA and is based upon what you would expect as a customer making the biggest financial investment you probably will make in life. Hours of skilful work and intense negotiation goes into getting just the right builder/client /price fit and HBA won't stop until we have a happy client and builder sitting ready to sign an agreement.

Home Builders Advantage Custom Design Homes Perth
Home Builders Advantage Free Concept Design

Working With Us

Beyond the stage of signing an agreement the work of HBA continues on with the Builder who appoints HBA to carry out planning, working drawings and energy ratings (or sometimes a combination of these and other tasks) for them. This means that HBA who have invested so much professionalism in the project thus far can carry on delivering a pre contract service for the customer and builder to ensure continuity and speed in getting to site. This means that the customer saves time and more money on top of the already market leading deal they have signed. HBA maintain an active interest in the project once on site offering a Project Management Service to overseas or Interstate clients or even to busy WA people who cannot manage the project themselves. HBA's nominated Building Inspector will verify that the work done meets code and can be paid for at each payment stage. Further allowing the customer peace of mind that HBA are behind the project from concept to hand over and even beyond.

HBA's managing director has many years business experience and joining the HBA team has meant that he can bring the values of the competitive business, fairness in dealing with people and above all a productive and happy team to our service. These values translate into a non-adversarial approach to business, realistic problem solving and making the client and builder interface as cohesive as possible, Problems that raise themselves can then be minor hiccups rather than major events and when hand over comes the client and builder have both had a win parting company with a recommendation to another customer as the hall mark of a successful and fruitful HBA project. HBA proudly achieves on average at least 1 new client from every successful project making customer satisfaction a priority for us to achieve.

Why not try the HBA way for yourself, we know we will not fail to please if you give us a chance to prove why everyone should try the HBA service.